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Skin Gourmet

Skin Gourmet is a Ghanaian innovation that creates premium and edible body care sourced in the Wilds of Ghana. Our products are of the highest quality and always raw and unrefined. We believe that healthy skin is attained by living a healthy lifestyle. "What you put in your body will show up on your skin and what you put on your skin will end up in your body." - Violet. The journey to beautiful skin means working towards a healthy overall life. No toxins, no chemicals, no coloring, no fragrances. Just Raw, Pure, Wild and of course ... 100 % Natural.



Beard Grooming Kit

GHS 85.00   (change currency)

Beard Grooming Kit:
Gourmet Beard Oil, Beard Comb and a Honey & Mint Balm

Gourmet Beard Oil:
Skin Gourmet’s cold pressed beard oil blend is made with cold pressed coconut oil
and baobab oil. This blend of gourmet high quality oils moisturizes the beard when applied without any greasy feeling and prevents the hair from any dryness and itchiness. Our high premium essential oil blend is lightly scented with organic Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils. These triple distilled oils fight razor bumps and disinfect the skin leaving the beard refreshed, soft and smooth as desired by all men. 

Beard Comb
Combing the beard gently instead of going too fast will give you the best results. You must avoid any aggressive combing or passing the comb very fast through the beard. To get the best results, it has to be done slowly, untangling any knots that you may find. It is important to comb from top to bottom and from side to the center. This way, you are also taming and educating your beard to grow in the desired direction.

Honey & Mint Balm
Our premium balm is made with the highest quality beeswax, you will fall in love with our organic balm slightly sweetened with wild northern honey. It will cool and soften your beard, face or lips. Made with peppermint essential oil, raw & unrefined shea and cocoa Butter, cold pressed coconut oil, honey soaked Beeswax and Vitamin E. Our balm is excellent when used to soothe and heal any cuts, abrasions, bumps, boils, sores or bruises.