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Skin Gourmet

Skin Gourmet is a Ghanaian innovation that creates premium and edible body care sourced in the Wilds of Ghana. Our products are of the highest quality and always raw and unrefined. We believe that healthy skin is attained by living a healthy lifestyle. "What you put in your body will show up on your skin and what you put on your skin will end up in your body." - Violet. The journey to beautiful skin means working towards a healthy overall life. No toxins, no chemicals, no coloring, no fragrances. Just Raw, Pure, Wild and of course ... 100 % Natural.

1 bottle


Cold Pressed Castor Oil (500ml)

GHS 42.00   (change currency)

For Skin:             If you would liketo minimize the appearance of wrinkles on 
your face, castor oil will be able tohelp you. It has a low-molecular weight, 
which means that it is absorbedquickly by your skin. It then stimulates the 
production of collagen and othertissues. This means it reduces the appearance 
of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as pimples, acne, eye bags, sunburn, dry skin, 
stretch marks, amongothers. It works well on itchy skin too!

For Hair:             Split ends anddryness are quickly fixed by the moisturizing 
power of castor oil, which worksas a great alternative to conditioner. 
Castor oil, when applied to the hair,coats each strand, locking in moisture. 
It gives you silkier, more lustroushair and improves the overall condition of your locks. 
Massaging your head withcastor oil improves blood circulation, which helps stimulate hair growth.
Castor oil also combats scalp infections that lead to loss of hair. 
Its germicidal properties make it effective for treating several hair-related
ailments like dandruff, folliculitis, etc.

For Health:            Mouth sore? Or an open wound?
Castor has been used for centuries to cure such ailments. This is because
castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which has excellent antimicrobial
properties. It is also effective for in the treatment of bladder and vaginal
infections, and can be used to deal with fungal infections like ringworm. When
used around the eyes, it can provide relief from the dust and other particles
that entered the eyes.