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Skin Gourmet

Skin Gourmet is a Ghanaian innovation that creates premium and edible body care sourced in the Wilds of Ghana. Our products are of the highest quality and always raw and unrefined. We believe that healthy skin is attained by living a healthy lifestyle. "What you put in your body will show up on your skin and what you put on your skin will end up in your body." - Violet. The journey to beautiful skin means working towards a healthy overall life. No toxins, no chemicals, no coloring, no fragrances. Just Raw, Pure, Wild and of course ... 100 % Natural.

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Gourmet Preserving Spoon

GHS 12.00   (change currency)

In order to keep our premium products effective and to preserve the shelf life we recommend that you do not use your fingers  to scoop your cosmetics the same way you don't use your fingers to scoops for food. Your skin care is your skin's food. Use a spoon when scooping out your natural cosmetics so you maintain the quality while you have it. 

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